CNC Backplot Editor & more

with lots of Tools for CNC Experts.

FILOU-MX is a CNC-Backplot-Editor with a modular toolbox containing lots of tools for CNC Experts.

With the powerful CNC editor, a CNC Profi can edit, optimize, verify, export, analyze and transmit his CNC programs to the machine.

FILOU-MX can handle nearly unlimited filesizes. The Limits are set by the resources. The CNC-Backplot-Editor can open multiple files at a time with the ability to cut, copy, and paste between them.

In every Backplot you can zoom, turn, etc. (on the left picture 4 CNC programs).

In the CNC Backplot the 3D-Display of toolpaths can be, turned, zoomed or moved.

Display CNC Programs as movementlines graphicaly on your Display. Thats why the Backplot is called Viewer in FILOU-MX. In the Animation the CNC toolpaths are displayed sentence by sentence. The editor and animation can be kept in sync.

CNC-Analyse im CNC Backplot Editor
In the Analyse FILOU-MX produces a Report of the NC-code. It shows the runtime in whole or per tool, the Extension of the toolpath, the max. feedrate and much more. For every program additional data can be added: Rawmaterial, customer, machine, etc.
G-Code, HPGL, etc. can be exportet into other formats. Depending on the format there are different possible Setup Options.

On the left an exaple for export to HPGL.

Supported formats are:
G-Code (z.B. Sinumerik, Fanuc, DIN, ISO, etc.)
Heidenhain Klartext

CNC Programme übertragen zur Maschine im CNC Backplot Editor
Transfer to the machine

Machines that have an RS232 (V24)/COM Interface for datatransfer, can receive the data directly from FILOU-MX.

The bidirectional datatransfer is not dependent on the controll.

A Connection to other programs is possible.

Windows XP | VISTA | 7 | 8 | 10
For the Backplot OPEN-GL Support is needed.

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FILOU-MX 2.0 – CNC-Backplot Editor for Experts

FILOU-MX2 - CNC-Backplot-Editor

FILOU-MX is a strong CNC Backplot Editor

But the CNC-Backplot Editor can do so much more. With FILOU-MX you can simulate, visualize, edit and analyse toolpaths of your CNC-Programs. Once the CNC-Program is approved, it can be transfered to the machine with FILOU-MX. An export function into other formats completes the program.

Viewer (Backplot)

  • CNC-Editor
  • CNC-Import
  • Interface
  • and optional moduls
  • Simulation
  • Analyse
  • Datatransfer
  • CNC-Export

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Profi CNC-Editor


  • All standard functions of an editor
  • Special CNC functions
  • Customizable line/block numbering and renumbering
  • Column editing
  • Dynamic 3D backplot drawing of toolpaths in the Viewer
  • Opening of several arbitrary large data files at the same time
  • Direct connection between the editor and viewer. A marked phrase in the editor is marked in the viewer.
  • The editor can be splitted

Viewer (Backplot)

  • All CNC toolpaths have their own layer
  • Tools are displayed in different colours
  • Optional view of the program origin
  • Delineation of the used workspace
  • Automatic level identification (G17, G18, G19)
  • Layer management
  • Fastfeed on/off
  • Incorrect tool moves or errors in fastfeed can be identified at once
  • Direct connection between the CNC-editor and backplot. With clicking on a toolpath in the backplot the corresponding phrase line in the CNC editor is marked. Vice versa a marked phrase in the CNC editor is marked coloured in the backplot.


  • Import of NC-Programs in the folowing formats:
  • G-Code
  • Heidenhain Klartext
  • Sinumerik, Fanuc, u.a.
  • DXF
  • HPGL
  • adjustable importfilter
Animation CNC-Backplot

  • Animation of toolpaths
  • Fast motions
  • Slow motion
  • Geometry-Informations for every toolpath
  • Animation of programparts
  • Different display options
  • Synchronized editor
  • Active zoomfunctions during animation


  • Direct Data-Transfer to the CNC machine and back
  • Support for RS232 (V24) Interface
  • Unlimited count of machines
  • Separate Setups for send and receive
  • High-Speed transfer, adjustable from 110 to 256.000 Baud
  • Bidirectionale datatransfer
  • Indipendent from the control


  • Determination of maximum travel
  • Determination of maxiumum feed
  • Determination of used tools
  • Creation of a tool list
  • Calculation of machinetime
  • Direct connection between editor and viewer. Clicking on a toolpath will make the editor jump to the corresponding line in the editor.
  • Data and grafik can be printed as a report.

CNC Formate exportierenExport (conversion)
All formats imported into FILOU-MX can be converted into the following formats:

G-Code (Sinumerik, Fanuc, u.a.) ->
Heidenhain (Klartext)
Tabelle (ASCII)
Tabelle (ASCII)
Heidenhain (Klartext)
Table (ASCII)
DXF ->
Table (ASCII)

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System requirments

Comfotable CNC Backplot Editor

FILOU-MX 2.0 is a Floating Lizenz*

Available languages are german/english.

Supported OS are: Windows XP/SP3, VISTA, 7, 8, 10


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PRICE – Info

Support for FILOU-MX

For FILOU-MX we offer various Support:

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  • Service Releases
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