FILOU was founded in 1994 with the goal to offer CAD/CAM/CNC software with a price far below the usual high price niveau for that kind of software. This was achieved through new sales structures and function-optimized, easy to use software. We say: FILOU-like software.

People often ask, why the name FILOU?
In dictionaries, you can find different definitions like smart guy or alike. In Greek FILOU means brother. But that doesn’t really describe it. We see FILOU as a smart fellow, who often achieves his desired goal, with unconventional means, a lot of creativity and usually little effort, but with a lot of fun.

Our FILOUsophy is not only to offer FILOU-like products, but to be a FILOU as well in the daily work. Only this way it is possible to offer sophisticated software and hardware in the FILOU-like price range.

When will YOU become a FILOU?