CNC cutting software for Windows

cutting2CutLeader is the comfortable CNC cutting software for plasma, laser or waterjet cutting. With CutLeader, parts can be automatically nested or placed by hand on a sheet. The sequence of cuts can also be determined automatically or by hand.

CutLeader offers a lot of functionality at a great price.

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The main functions

Part in Part

Teil in Teil

CutLeader has multiple part-in-part nesting function, with this technology, the material is optimally utilized.

Anfahren Verlassen

Anfahren / Verlassen

The position and shape for starting and leaving a contour can be set manually or automatically.



To get the best quality on sharp corners, CutLeader offers different corner functions that can be assigned to different angles.



To better control the cut quality, cut conditions can be assigned to different shapes and patterns.



CutLeader supports the use of subroutines, so the NC code can be kept clearer and shorter.

Drawing optimization

DracheAnother highlight of CutLeader is the optimization of imported drawings. Vector geometry data from external CAD systems often include curves (splines, Bezier, etc.), CutLeader automatically converts them into CNC-compliant arcs and paths. This significantly reduces the amount of NC code and cutting time.
Download the CutLeader trial

CutLeader V5




DXF/DWG Import
Curve Automatic Optimization
Part Design and Edit
Auto Cutng Technical Assignment (Pierce positon, Lead In/Out, Micro-joint, Corner Feature)
Material Library Management
Support Multiple Machines
Auto Sequence
Expert Library Management
Machine Management
Database Management
Part Import with Auto Separation
Cut Beam Compensation
Bridge Cutting
Chain Cutting
Remnant Material Generation
Schachteln auf Restmaterial
NC-Code generation
Export Nesting Result to DXF/DWG file
Measure Distance in Sheet Layout
Automatic Rapid Nesting Algorithm
Automatic True Shape Nesting Algorithm
Import Part list from Excel file
ReLoad Previous Nesting Task
Nesting Task Result Report
Remnant Material Import (DXF/DWG Format)

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