2D CAD and 2.5D CAM with FILOU NC

80 – 90% of all CNC-parts are 2D-parts, thats what experts say.
The advantage is clear, there is no need for a complex 3D model. With the CAM-Module, the 2.5D CNC-code can easily be made of a simple 2D-geometry.

With FILOU-NC all the work is done by one software, from the fast and easy 2D drafting, with great CAD tools, to generating 2.5D NC code and transfer to the machine.

No complex 3D models
Many CAM functions
Easy NC code creation
Editor with 3D-Backplot
Tool library
peel milling (Trochoidal)
Lots of post processors
Custom postprocessors possible
RS-232 transfer available
New in FILOU-NC-Gorilla
2D-CAD Modul
2D CAD direkt in der FILOU-NC Software

2D-CAD Modul

The FILOU-NC 2D CAD module offers many sophisticated CAD functions to make the creation of geometries as easy as possible.

Using DXF import, drawings from other CAD programs can be imported and checked with simple functions and prepared for milling.

Well thought-out layer management helps with drawings with many layers.

With the Text to Geometry feature, you can turn any TrueType font into geometry.

2,5D-CAM Modul and Backplot

2,5D-CAM Modul

Designed for the daily work of the CNC specialist, many useful functions make it much easier to create the NC code.

The integrated manager clearly manages the processing steps in a tree structure. Processing parameters can also be easily edited afterwards.

The optimized multiple arrangement of NC code from a geometry is also easily possible.

The NC code is then recreated with just one click.


The calculated tool paths are shown here as 3D graphics.

One click on a toolpath and FILOU-NC immediately jumps to the corresponding position in the editor (and vice versa).

The finished program is interpreted, so NC code that was not created in FILOU-NC can also be edited in the backplot.

2,5D CAM einfach mit FILOU-NC
Analysis and simulation


Get a quick overview of the entire NC program.

Tools used, limits and runtime can be easily checked.

It is then also possible to create a report with additional individual information.


The removal simulation is the last step before completing the NC program. Here you can check whether the NC code corresponds to your requirements.

The NC code from the editor is simulated in 3D, so NC programs not created in FILOU-NC (max. 3 simultaneous axes) can also be simulated.

It’s very simple: analyze the NC code, define the stock material, start the simulation. Done

Postprocessors and Transfer


Standard post processors are supplied for the most common CNC controls.

If none of the included post processors suit your controller, a post processor can be customized.

We create individual post-processors with machine-specific cycles on request.

An overview of the FILOU-NC postprocessors can be found here


With the built-in RS232 / V24 interface, NC programs can be transferred from and to a machine with the appropriate interface.

Any number of machines can be created, which are then activated as required.

Here you can find a FILOU-NC versions comparison.

It’s best to test FILOU-NC free of charge and without obligation.
The test version can be used fully for 30 days, after which the test version can be activated permanently by entering a license key.

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