DeskProto, easy 3D CNC milling

DeskProtoDo you need to prototype your 3D models in materials that are not 3D printable?

Do you build 3D models of wood, perhaps plastic prostheses or wax models for jewelry?

CNC milling machines are being used more and more often for these and similar tasks.

A CAM program quickly and easily generates the required CNC code.

You are not a proven CNC specialist but a designer, modeller, jewelry designer, artist or you are from the medical industry? Not a problem!

With the CAM program DeskProto, you can quickly and easily create 3D CNC code from your 3D models or photographs without any fundamental CNC knowledge.

Since DeskProto also works as a 64bit program, very large 3D files can be processed.

3D Prototyping mit DeskProtoProdukt-Design
3D CNC Hobby und Modellbau mit DeskProto
+ Modellbau
3D CNC in der Schule
3D CNC Schmuck-Design mit DeskProtoSchmuck-Design
3D CNC food Design mit DeskProto
3D CNC Medizintechnik mit DeskProtoMedizin+Dental
3D CNC Kunst-Projekte mit DeskProto
3D CNC Formenbau mit DeskProtoFormenbau
3D CNC Holzbearbeitung mit DeskProtoHolzbearbeitung

The CAM program DeskProto is designed to quickly and easily create 3D CNC programs for milling machines from 3D files (STL, VRML, DXF). Particular attention was paid to the fact that even non-CNC specialists can use the CAM program to quickly create CNC code for their milling machine.
3 editions of DeskProto are available:

  • Entry Edition
    In the ENTRY Edition, the CAM program provides the most important parameters for creating the CNC code for 3D models and simple 2D milling. In addition, 3D milling of a bitmap file is supported.
  • Expert Edition
    The EXPERT Edition has the complete DeskProto functionality for 3D CAM programming for CNC machines with three simultaneous axes.
  • Multi-Axis Edition
    In addition to three and four-axis machines, the MULTI-AXIS Edition also supports a 5-axis CNC machine with a pivotable rotary axis for 3D CAM programming.
  • Rapid prototyping on CNC machines speeds up the development and design process, as a “tangible” or tactile result quickly becomes available.

What does DeskProto offer?
3D CAM für CNC FräsenDeskProto is a CNC programming system (CAM) for automatically generating 3D CNC code for CNC milling machines.

At an exceptionally low price, DeskProto provides simple, fast and secure production of 3D CNC code. Many main applications from rapid prototyping with conventional milling machines to conventional 3D milling.

DeskProto is inexpensive.
A standard PC, a short learning process and a small price.

Try DeskProto 7
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