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FILOU NestNestLeader determines the nesting result by computing multiple subassembly possibilities on a sheet. This way NestLeader ensures optimal material utilization. Save time and especially valuable material with NestLeader.

NestLeader is the ideal nesting solution for those who work with laser, plasma, water jet or flame cutting. But also for milling or punching & amp; nibbling.

DXF Schachtel Ergebniss

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Advantages of NestLeader:

Batch import of DXF/DWG files
DXF/DWG files can be loaded individually (with preview) or in batches.

Set part properties
Simple input of quantity and angle of rotation per part.

Detailed nesting report
Even during the nesting calculation, nesting statistics can be used to track the progress of nesting live. After a successful nesting, a detailed nesting result is available. Information such as material utilization, nesting statistics, a sheet list and a preview are clearly displayed there.

NestLeader Features

Teil in Teil (nesting) verschachteln “Part in Part nesting
NestLeader supports “part in part” nesting, this way parts can be arranged even more material-saving.
(Only in the professional edition)
Schachtelparameter Nesting parameter
NestLeader offers many settings to control the nesting result. For example, an individual border and the start corner for the first placement can be specified. In addition, the nesting direction and the distance between nested parts can be easily set.
Kontur Contour inspection during loading
Nesting of open contours is not possible, so when loading the DXF/DWG file, the contour of the part is checked directly for gaps.
Rotationswinkel Set part rotation
For nesting, the rotation of the parts can be determined individually, for each part, or automatically.

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Comparison of the versions

Standard Professional
Contour inspection during loading
Nesting on remnant material
Set part rotation
Individual distance between parts
Individual border around sheet/remnant material
Detailed nesting result
Save the nesting result as DXF
Save the remnant material as DXF

Nesting “Part in Part”

Price Standard Professional
You will get 12 months support for NestLeader for free if you purchase a version of NestLeader.
After the 12 months you have the option to extend the FILOU Support for 12 months for only 120,-€ + VAT.
The optional support is not mandatory, the license is permanent.
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