CNC milling for model making and hobby

Professional CAM programs for milling in the CNC model making hobby, from beginner to professional

We offer two professional CAM programs for non-commercial use in CNC model making or other applications. The milling process is made easy with FILOU NC and DeskProto, respectively in the home or hobby version. These versions offer the full functionality at a significantly reduced price. Many controllers such as MACH 3, winPC-NC, ISEL or others are fully supported.

Whether self-built machines or professional ones, FILOU NC and DeskProto offer professional solutions for private users and professional modelers.

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for 2.5D CNC milling.
For private users with professional requirements we offer FILOU-NC20open as a home license. The functionality is identical to that of the commercial FILOU-NC20open. Differences only exist in the price.

2,5D CNC Fräsen im Modellbau Hobby
FILOU NC16basic
FILOU NC16home
Compare the different FILOU NC versions. Learn more about FILOU NC.
Especially inexpensive
With FILOU NC16home you save about 75%
compared to the commercial license


DeskProto 7

for 3D CNC milling.
DeskProto is a CAM program for freeform surface milling. It works on the basis of a 3D model (STL or DXF). DeskProto is suitable for 3 axes, 4 axes (indexed rotation axis) or 5 axes (indexed rotation axis and positioning).

Even engraving and working with photos including the projection on arbitrary 3D freeform surfaces possible.

3D Freiformflächen mit DeskProto
DeskProto 6 ENTRY
DeskProto 6 multi-axis HOBBY
Compare the different DeskProto versions.Learn more about DeskProto.
Especially inexpensive

Save about 75%

compared to the commercial license



Our bundles not only for Hobby / model making.
FILOU NC20 and DeskProto 7 complement each other very well, which is why we put together attractive bundles with the two programs.

The programs in the bundles can be upgraded to other versions at the difference price, or you can make an Update if there is a new Version available.

2,5D und 3D Fräsen
CAM Einsteiger-Bundle
No matter which software or which bundle you choose, the FILOU bonus of 12 months support per support form is always free of charge.

The free download of a 30-day trial version of DeskProto or FILOU NC can be found in our download area.