CAD/CAM programs – for ISEL controls/machines

ISEL CNC-controls and CNC machines are used in many ways. Here a few example, depending on the application, CAM-programs for 2,5D or 3D and for 3, 4 or 5 axles.

KAY - Windows control for ISEL CNC controls KAY
Windows-control-software for ISEL CNC-milingmachines and controls makes it possible to control ISEL-maschines on Windows.
Aside of ISEL NCP-Code, KAY also processes CNC-programs in ISO / G-Code on your ISEL maschine. KAY is taken from Galaad.
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CNC Backplot Editor for ISEL CNC Code (NCP)


CNC editor with associative backplot, i.a. for the ISEL NCP format.
With the powerful CNC backplot editor, the CNC professional can edit, optimize, verify, export (for example, from DIN / ISO to NCP) and analyze his CNC programs.
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CNC DeskProto


DeskProto creates CNC programs from 3D CAD geometries very easily. Available as Entry, Expert or Multi-Axis Version for maschines with 3, 4 or 5 axles.
ISEL controls are already setup in DeskProto along with a postprocessor for the ISEL NCP-Format.
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GALAAD - CAD/CAM software for ISEL CNC Galaad
is a 2,5D CAD/CAM/CNC software especially for ISEL controllers and machines. Galaad means, das bedeutet designing, CNC-programing and controling of ISEL-maschines with just one software. KAY is included in Galaad.
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FILOU-NC - CAM Software für ISEL CNC


Filou-NC is a professionel CAM program, it creates 2 1/2D NC-Code. If needed, individual postprocessors are possible. With backplot and 3D simulation, even for existing NC-code. The output formats are suited to the ISEL NCP format.
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