FILOU NC20 the CNC Software Moduls

Not all modules are available in every version

FILOU NC – Module
FILOU-NC – the CNC-Toolbox for 2.5D milling

Like a toolbox FILOU-NC offers a lot of tools to make the creation of NC-Code a lot

Lots of CAD-Tools, a powerful Manager, lots of CAM-Tools, a CNC-Editor with an attachted Backplot, a 3D-Simulation with an Analysis-Tool and the transfer to the machine, all this is completed by a smart macro-programming for Macros, Cycles and postprocessors. Everythin in just one CAD/CAM Solution.

Everything, from drafting to the transfer to the machine, can be done in FILOU-NC. But that is not a must, still you are able to import or export DXF files. CNC-Programs (max. 3 axis) can be imported and simulated.

Depending on the Version FILOU NC16 contains different modules with a different count of tools.

Here you can find a versions comparison..

DXF CAD Software Modul 2D-DXF Drafting
The basis for the CNC programs is always a DXF-drawing that you either create directly in FILOU-NC or import a DXF file from your existing CAD program.
Existing DXF drawings are checked by FILOU-NC for further use. Splines, for example, are converted into approximate arcs. Imported drawings can be edited with the existing CAD tools in FILOU-NC. This way, you have the option of adding vector TrueType font.
CAM Modul zum Fräsen CAM
For the creation of NC-Programs from geometry. Lots of tools for editing contours, pockets, circular pockets, milling text, freehand milling, drilling with path-optimisation and if desired machine specific cycles and much more. Along comes a tool-management with cuttingdata-calculation.
CNC Programm Manager In the Manager
every processing step, even the geometry, are managed and stored in a project. Afterwards, the technology parameters can be changed with the help of the manager.
Missing parts can just be added or edited without having to deal with the actual NC-Code – Now that’s comfortable CNC-Programming.
Editor Backplott CNC-Editor + Backplot
A modern CNC-Editor that processes nearly unlimited large CNC-files. Besides conventional commands there are CNC-specific functions. The editor is associative connected to the Backplot, that displays the created toolpaths as a 3D-Wireframe. One click on a toolpath will make the editor jump to the corresponding line in the CNC-Code. It interprets the finished program (G-code, Heidenhain Klartext, ISEL NCP HPGL, etc.) even not in FILOU-NC created programs can be edited in the Backplot.
3D Simulation 3D-Simulation + Analysis
In the 3D-Simulation, the NC-code from the CNC-Editor is simulated in 3D. This way even CNC programs not created in FILOU-NC (max. 3 simultaneous axis) can be simulated in 3D. It is very simply: Analyze NC code, define the stock, assign tool, start Simulation. Done.
With the affiliated analysis, among other things, the estimated machining time for the program will be calculated.
Transfer RS232-Transfer
With the built-in serial interface you are able to transfer CNC programs to and from a machine with the appropriate interface. You can create any number of machines that can then be activated when needed.
Makros Macro-Programming
With the built-in macro programming you are able to write your own CAM macros. You can also individually adjust the postprocessor for nearly all machine controls and their own functionality.
Anpassbare Postprozessoren Postprocessors
For most common machines, standard postprocessors are included. If none of the supplied post processors fit to your control, we can make a custom postprocessor for you (Only in FILOU-NC/OPEN).

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